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New product Gravity

Thanks to Gravity, take advantage of word-of-mouth and of micro influence marketing.

Connect directly with selected influencers who will share your brand and products, making a bigger impact in their smaller, but far more engaged communities on social media.

The power of micro influence

According to a recent Nielsen study, 83% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family. Why? Because they are more authentic, genuine and accessible. In 2017, micro influencers recorded an average engagement rate of 8% compared to 1.5% for bigger influencers and celebrities.

Unlock the potential of micro influence

Gravity will connect you to powerful micro influencers who already love and use your product and manage your influence marketing campaigns for you, sparing you loads of time, money and risks.

Search Engine Marketing

Can you name one person not using Google these days?

You’re using it, and so are your potential clients !

Being at the top of Google’s, Bing’s or Yahoo’s search lists using efficient & relevant keywords could be one of your business’s greatest assets.

Search Engine Marketing can add great value to the Attention, Interest, Desiren Action (AIDA) process of your buyer’s journey.

We are experts in data analysis; this, coupled with a well-defined methodology, allows us to send the right message with the right keywords and, therefore, generate more conversions.

Search Engine Advertising  (SEA)

Would you like to reach the top of Google’s and Bing’s search results in no time using well-chosen keywords? Search Engine Advertising (SEA), also known as Google Adwords, is the one and only “keyword buying” tool.

Google Adwords works on a pay-per-click (CPC) rate coupled to an auction sale, contrary to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is free of charge.

What does this mean? It means that your CPC can change depending on your sector, keywords but also on other factors like the Quality Score (QS).

The rules are quite simple to understand. However, getting good and low-priced results requires experience, an impeccable procedure along with an excellent knowledge of the different configurations, tips and tricks of the tool. Not to mention that it requires constant analysis and optimization. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to make you a customized offer that will match your expectations, your product and your business model based on a pay-per-performance rate.

Search Engine Optimization  (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also known as free referencing. This method is used to make some of your web pages stand out thanks to valuable keywords used by your prospects in search engines like Google.

A great variety of factors will have an impact on the final result: your domain name, the keywords, your website’s structure, your website’s content, its popularity, the loading time, mobile-friendliness, etc.

But let’s not forget, your main objective using Search Engine Optimization is not to be at the top of the list but to generate conversions.

Search Engine Optimization requires a very precise technique, good curating and constant optimization that Leadist can provide you with.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliation Marketing is a digital advertising method that allows advertisers to minimize their risk and maximize their ROI.

How does it work? Publishers from various categories publish your campaign on their channels. Conversions can be clicks, leads or sales depending on which compensation model you chose. The different categories of publishers are: emailing, content display, price or product comparison platforms, vouchers, retargeting, etc.

At Leadist, we handle implementation, management and optimization of your programs for you, with our affiliation partners and performance publishers.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most efficient tools of the Performance Marketing industry. However, to generate good results, it requires expertise and a tight management to ensure publishers’ loyalty and to get the best ROI. It is used for lead generation campaigns in a great variety of fields such as insurance, finance, retail, FMCG, the automotive industry, and many more. It will help you find new prospects at low acquisition costs.

Native Advertising

Native advertising allows you to better sell your products and/or services using story telling.

Thanks to its “meaningful content” approach, native advertising is an interesting and efficient method to meet, and generate interest from, your prospects.

How will we help you? We will help you launch efficient and fruitful native ad campaigns with the appropriate call-to-actions, content and on the right networks in order to maximize your visibility and results.

Native advertising doesn’t always lead to direct conversions. However, it drives high-quality traffic to your website and allows you to later reconnect with your website visitors to generate conversions.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile is everywhere. Your prospects use their smartphones to find information, compare prices and buy things.

Therefore, developing a mobile strategy has become a requisite for anyone wanting to get more results.

What will our job be? We’ll advise you on your mobile strategy whether you’re looking for more visibility or a complete mobile conversion strategy. We’ll improve your conversion funnel to make it mobile-friendly.

We can also help you to maximize your position in the appstore, if you need an audit on your app in order to generate more results in-app that can be also our mission.

Together, we will decide which compensation model (Business model) fits best with your expectations: cost per download, per mini lead, per address, etc.

Cross-device Tracking

Thanks to cross-device tracking, you’ll never lose a prospect ever again.

You can follow your prospects even if they switch devices during their decision-making process.

How do I use this? The Leadist team will help you implement cross-device tracking for all of your campaigns and generate reports about your prospects and/or clients’ behavior.

Cross-device tracking is a constantly evolving method and a key aspect of digital advertising. It helps companies, brands and marketers better understand and anticipate clients’ behaviors and needs.

Attribution Marketing

Attribution Marketing is one of today’s marketing industry’s biggest revolutions.

Out with the obsolete “last click” attribution model that lacked a clear analysis of the customer journey to conversion. Attribution Marketing acknowledges the reality that the buying process usually is more complex than just going on a website and make a purchase. There are a multitude of contributors to a conversion: the one that generated the first click, the one that generated the “envy” of your target, the one that convinced him, etc. Attribution Marketing links the prospect to the brand considering all every step that contributes to the conversion or sale.

What will be our role? The Leadist team will help you implement this compensation model with your partners according to your business goals.

Programmatic Display & Emailing

Real Time Bidding (RTB) Display and Emailing are efficient methods to boost your visibility and brand awareness.

It will offer your product and services the best online space to meet prospects at the right time and in the right context.

How will we help you? We will buy, optimize and control your programmatic campaigns in order to generate results at the right acquisition cost for you. We will do it via display and premium email databases.


With Leadist international offer, Performance has no borders.

Belgium is our basecamp, the world is our playground.
As we have a world-class network of international partners, most of our performance business is made outside of Belgium.
Whether you are a Belgian brand interested in developing your business abroad (or the opposite), we can provide you with the global exposure your brand needs!
Rio, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Washington or Hong Kong, whatever the city, our international experience and partnerships will enable you to develop your visibility in many countries and generate more leads and sales everywhere.
Unleash your brand potential on a global scale with Leadist: contact us today!